A.I. is becoming a Hive-Mind

Sherry Horowitz
4 min readMar 30, 2023


A.I. ADVANCEMENTS: Consider the motives of the designers + What it means long term

Recently Chris Do of TheFutur posted an impressive poem on Linkedin he had the bot write for him, using Shakespeare as a reference point. Part of the trick was that he primed it with a topic about how to deal with “social media haters.” (see link embedded here.)

As a poet, copywriter and A.I. artist I’d like to share some insights:

Image made by Sherry Horowitz using Midjourney

In #Midjourney, as with Chatgpt, the Hive-Mind has clearly advanced.

To be clear, it’s sophistication is a result of automation; a codification of massive amounts of collective human ideas that are accessed via our natural language.

(Natural language is the API-Application Programming Interface. It accesses the diffusion patterns found in poetry and understands the rules in both semantics, poetry and the patterns of ideas as we’ve documented them through the ages.)

The way we access it is where the human intelligence lies.
How we use it and present it bears the fruit of any timeless effective communication.

The danger lies in this:

In automating our knowledge, we will most certainly get reliant on it’s capabilities without having to accumulate our own knowledge. We most certainly, and inevitably will automate it beyond our ability to control it.

What will happen when our children rely on it’s seeming “intelligence” without any deep understanding of information?

It’s like someone who never studied mechanics trying to gauge if an engine is functioning properly, let alone try to fix it.

The questions to consider are these:

Is it possible to have intellectual freedom within an established governing hive-mind?

Is it possible to govern it and control it?

If the answer we come up with is no, perhaps we shouldn’t unleash it.

Images made by Sherry Horowitz using Midjourney

Sam Altman and company have unleashed the automated hive-mind into the world. The fact that it is designed for commercial purposes would seem to be at odds with long term human interests as a race.

Midjourney has advanced to the point where visualization of ideas is as easy as thinking of them. Chatgpt, in sophisticated hands is capable of generating elevated poetic styles of communication and magnificent visuals.

The poet and artist in me is ruminating on this…

How will children fare under the influence of automated superintelligence?

There are errors, think traps, contradictions and loops inherent in any automated, large scale predictive algorithmic modeling.

How it is we have people in charge of this tech that we never elected to lead us?

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