My Poem vs. ChatGPT poem

Sherry Horowitz
1 min readJan 4, 2023

I don’t usually publish my poems around here, but since everyone is so excited by what the chatbot can do, I’m staking my claim in terms of poetry for the time being. See my previous post for comparison.

Created in Midjourney by Sherry Horowitz, using the poem as a prompt


Can we avoid corruption in the premise?

Something we’ve created in our visage.

Reflected, parsed, reviewed and caught

in glittering points that mirror our tempest

infatuation. What we promise is speed.

We testify with numbers, our Babel towers,

projections that glint, scraping the sky —

in the hope of fixing a creed.

As if we could fix our trajectory…

Even the most perfect calculations founder

under anomaly. Burning rudder

and mast, we hold fast — a Frankenstein

we’ve cobbled as a solution —

though we know it has no soul. We code

with great precision, the pretense bold,

as if we could teach a machine to hold

conjectures of Love or formulae for Dignity.

Still, we devote ourselves to the task,

like scriveners squinting at the spark.

Etch our acts, indelible for eternity,

Memory soon defunct and with it, Forgiveness.