How Designers Are Using MidJourney To Build Their Businesses with Sherry Horowitz the A.I. Conjurer | Podcast Ep 126

Sherry Horowitz
3 min readMar 10, 2023

You can listen to my conversation with award winning packaging designer Evelio Mattos in this podcast and learn about Midjourney on the following channels in the link below or clicking directly in the link above in Spotify.

Here’s a summary of the podcast by Evelio Mattos!

The Packaging Unbox Podcast recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sherry Horowitz about Mid Journey artificial intelligence. They discussed the different types of prompts that she uses, how to get started with a prompt, and making a living with Mid Journey as her copilot. They also touched upon the ethics of artificial intelligence, as well as how to work with agencies, designers, and implementing it into a functioning workflow. Sherry also shared her insight on how to make the most of the experience and how to use the technology to get ahead. Additionally, they discussed their sponsors, and, who provide factory direct packaging and…