A.I. = Aggregate Insight

Sherry Horowitz
3 min readFeb 7, 2024

How to upskill in the Age of A.I.

Yesterday I had a conversation with George Tannenbaum.

Teaching #ai mastery is becoming increasingly difficult and because of that I’ve been aiming my efforts to teach advanced minds only, such as #creativedirectors, advanced #copywriters, #strategists, and #artdirectors.

The reason for the difficulty is that using #aigenerative technology requires a multi-modal set of skills that involves macro-aggregate thinking, micro-contextual thinking, and then pivoting between them using interpretive skills between languages like visual narratives (for platforms like #midjourney), and different kinds of linguistic styles (poetic, prosaic, technical, code, historical, index-tagging) in context of their uses.

Most people start to glaze over when I start explaining this, but of course George did not.

While George and I were talking about all this, an idea started to form in George’s mind and he started to think about how Albrecht Durer had to draw his famous rhinoceros from only a description as he’d never actually seen one.

I had never known this factoid before, (and that’s why you should read George’s blog), because George is a repository of insane amounts of info due to his eidetic memory.